Windows Phone 7 Remote Desktop Apps

If you want to have quick access to your office or home computer while you are away from it, you will need a remote desktop app on your mobile device, which in this case is a Windows Phone smartphone. While iPhone and Android app stores are brimming with such apps, there are only a couple of apps on the Windows Phone marketplace, both of which are discussed here.

Windows phone remote desktop apps

Wp7 rdp

First is the Remote Desktop for WP7 app. This app retails at 15 dollars and requires you to install an app on your computer. The desktop app requires you to do port forwarding which is something not a pleasant experience for the end user. However, once you have done that, it works like a charm and you will be able to connect to your PC from practically anywhere around the world.

Remote desktop app wp7

Reviews for this app have been mixed so far. Most of the ones that are complaining are having trouble setting up port forwarding. Since there is a trial version of the app, I would suggest people trying the app first before shelling out 14 dollars on a windows phone app.

Windows phone remote server

Second app that provides the same functionality but in a different way is ‘remote desktop for WP7′. Yes, both apps go by the same names which can be a bit confusing for the end user. The one discussed earlier goes by the little orange icon shown in the second paragraph above.

Remote desktop apps review wp7

This app just requires you to enable ‘remote desktop connections’ on your Windows PC and does not requires installation of any client. However, I found it to be very slow, almost unusable and would only recommend it if you are not able to get the above app working. It also proxies the connection to their server and thus the information is not very secure since Windows Phone is currently not capable of handling encrypted connections and thus someone can get access to critical information. It costs 13 dollars and comes with a 5 minute trial version.

A common feature missing in both apps is Mac support. Let us hope someone like logmein develops for both PC and Mac. Meanwhile, I would heartily recommend you to get ‘remote desktop for wp7′ app. [marketplace link]

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