uTraveler: a great planning and recording app for trips

uTraveler is a great windows phone travel app that lets you organize your trips or any other event by allowing you to keep track of all important phones including photos, routes, notes and expenses in one place – all offline.

You can create an offline map with your route and place markers for places you are planning to visit, track food and hotel expenses and so on. It is also possible to post your picture to Facebook.

uTraveler windows phone review

Here is its official feature list:

1) Manage your trips offline – wherever you travel you can add some photos with captions or just post some messages and when you have access to the internet – upload it to the Cloud.
2) Plan your route – create some routes with placemarks using Google Maps, export to KML\KMZ files and add them to your trip from One Drive or your smartphone. Supports Google Maps with routes, placemarks (with icons, captions and description), polygons and lines.
3) Track your expenses – track how much money you spent for a particular thing during your trip.
4) Facebook integration – with uTraveler you can share your photos or post some messages to Facebook, write and see comments and likes of a post.
5) User profile and interface customization – customize your profile changing avatar, cover photo and name. Use different color schemes of the interface.

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