Nokia Lumia 1020 Review

Reviewing the latest Nokia Lumia 1020 is like reviewing a compact camera that runs Windows Phone operating system. Some say, it is basically a Lumia 920 with a 41MP camera slapped on and to be honest, they are right. Back when Nokia released Pureview 808 in 2012, a lot of us yearned for a phone running windows phone operating system with 41 megapixel camera and 1020 is exactly that phone.

Nokia Lumia 1020 Review

From the front, it looks exactly like a Lumia 920 and most of its specifications are similar too – 4.5 inch display, 1280×768 pixel resolution, Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 dual core processor, 2GB RAM and a dedicated camera button to take excellent pictures. At the bottom of the phone, you will find micro USB port, speaker, and microphone jack.

Back of the phone is the most noticeable part, thanks to its large but very eye catching 41MP protruding camera that is accompanied by Xenon flash to take wonderful pictures, even in the dimly lit areas. The phone is excellent on the software front too. You get Internet explorer which lets you browse your favorite websites and so on. 1020 is 130.4 mm tall and 10.4 mm thick. It weighs a hefty 158 grams and to be honest, we loved how it felt in hand. Solid – very. You get 32GB of on board storage that is non-expandable.

Lack of applications used to turn people off from windows phone operating system but not any more. All big name applications like CNN, Facebook, and Twitter are there. There are some excellent 3rd party Instagram apps too (6tag, instance). In terms of performance, there is no hiccup at all. Camera is excellent.

Windows Phone app development has been on fire, but some people are still waiting for official apps from Instagram and Vine to jump the boat.

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