Lumia 525 Windows Phone on Sale in China

In November, Nokia released successor to the Lumia 520, the 525. If you live in China, and want to get your hands on 520’s successor, you  will have to shell out just 1099 Yuan (~ $180). This should serve as an attractive purchase for the users who do not have deep wallets, but still want a capable phone.

Lumia 525 Windows Phone on Sale in China

Nokia is yet to release the Lumia 525 in rest of world, but earlier this month, it launched it in Finland and Singapore., a Chinese online shop is selling it for 899 Yuan, which is about $40 less than the aforementioned, official price tag.

China is brimming with cheap Android phones, which retail at a much attractive price, but they stand no chance against Nokia’s quality and reputation, which is why we feel that Lumia 525 is the best budget smart phone out there.

Find out more at Nokia Chinese site.

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