Samsung: WP7 Update Fix (Instructions)

So, did the WP7 Update just bricked your new shiny Samsung Windows phone? Do not panic. The fix is easy. Just follow these steps:


* Connect your WP7 handset to a power source – NOT YOUR COMPUTER.
* Turn the phone off.
* Now turn the phone back on by pressing and holding the power, camera and volume up/down rocker and KEEP HOLDING even * when you are asked if you want to format the SD card.
* Release the three buttons once you see the phone enter ‘download mode’.
* Now your phone will re-download and install the OS over the air. Leave the phone and if after 15 minutes it hasn’t restarted on its own, force a restart.
* Set up your phone as if it was new, re-sync and re-update.

I have been told that these steps work like a charm, so go ahead if you are having troubles with the update.

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