Coral: A Shoot em Up Windows Phone game, Free download

Coral is a free shoot them up for Windows Phone which mixes RPG elements such as experience levels and learning of new skills. So in order to clear a level, you must have right abilities and use them in correct moment. The game is about 32MB in size and is compatible with 512MB devices as well. I tested it on my Nokia Lumia 625 and it installed just fine.

coral windows phone shoot them up game

In the game, you play role of Coral who is a witch. You use the surfboard to fly and kill your enemies by tapping on the right side of screen. As you defeat more and more enemies, you get the ability to learn more spells.

The game includes a decent tutorial that guides you through various features of the game. My wife found the game very interesting and has been playing the game since evening.

You can download the game for free from here. Right now the game is windows phone exclusive but developer will be bringing it to iOS and Android in coming months.

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