Microsoft Lumia 640 Review, Superb Value for Money

Microsoft Lumia 640 is mid-range and feature-rich windows phone. Slated to be the successor of the Lumia 630, it is quite an upgrade. While Lumia 640 has the same quad core Snapdragon 400 processor, it lags way less thanks to the increased memory. The camera loads much faster now and takes pictures quicker too.

Microsoft has added a front facing camera packing 1MP that was absent in Lumia 630. It takes clear pictures but the quality is not at with the one on the Lumia 535 that dons a 5MP selfie camera. Read Lumia 535 review.

If you take a lot of selfies, we suggest getting the Lumia 540 which has same FFC but has 8MP rear camera. Read Lumia 540 review. Microsoft has preloaded the Lumia 640 with myriad of their apps and its main selling point is the inclusion of free Office 365 subscription that is worth GBP 60. With this subscription, you also get free 1TB of one drive storage that is useful since the Lumia 640 comes with only 8GB of flash storage.

The phone we have reviewed here has dual SIM slots but lacks 4G LTE. If you want to take advantage of 4G LTE, consider spending GBP 20 extra and get the Lumia 640 LTE. The Lumia 640 is available from Microsoft store for GBP 170.

Battery life of Lumia 640 is excellent and like the Lumia 630, the battery is removable. To get access to it, simply remove the back panel. I was able to get one full day of heavy use that involved downloading apps, sending and receiving several emails, making and receiving calls, doing couple of skype calls and playing Halo Spartan Strike the rest of the day.

Camera: Unlike Snapdragon 200 windows phones like 535 and 540 that cannot take HD or Full HD videos, the Lumia 640 is capable of capturing videos at 1080p @30fps. Pictures are taken instaneously which means you will not miss a moment. Here are few pictures that I took with the camera of Lumia 640.

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