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Coral: A Shoot em Up Windows Phone game, Free download

Coral is a free shoot them up for Windows Phone which mixes RPG elements such as experience levels and learning of new skills. So in order to clear a level, you must have right abilities and use them in correct moment. The game is about 32MB in size and is compatible with 512MB devices as well. I tested it on my Nokia Lumia 625 and it installed just fine. In the game, you play role of Coral who is...[Read More]

Microsoft Lumia 535 unboxing and review

Notice the change in terminology in the Lumia family. There word Lumia is now appearing with Microsoft rather than Nokia. The Lumia 535 design is slightly different from the rest of the Lumia devices but it can still be easily recognized as “Lumia” from a distance. The one we got is a green color which also helps it stand out from the crowd. Lumia 535 unboxing The box is very similar to the Lumia ...[Read More]

Listonic is best windows phone shopping list app

Listonic is a free shopping list app for windows phone. The app allows you to sync your shopping lists with all devices irrespective of the platform they run. Listonic is available on iPhone and Android too so if your wife or friend uses a non-windows phone device, you can still share your lists with them. Also if your friend deletes or add something to the list, the changes will be reflected on y...[Read More]

Lightomania, an amazing Puzzle game for windows phone

Playing the game is very simple, just pull the tongue, choose the best trajectory, make a jump and get the bulb. I strongly feel that the Lightomania is a blend between Angry Birds and Cut the Rope. However unlike those two games, Lightomania is completely free and the little gismos are cute. The game loaded quickly on my Nokia Lumia 1320 and runs without any lags. Ads in the game are unobtrusive ...[Read More]

Windows Phone Age of Empires Castle Siege review, is it pay to win?

Age of Empires Castle Siege is finally available for the windows phone and we totally love it of two reasons. First is the fact that it is totally free and secondly you really do not have to buy in-game stuff to win the game. Many of us were shocked when Microsoft acquired the acclaimed franchise. Some of you skeptical. Many disgusted at the lack of wololo in Microsoft latest cash cow, “Castle Sie...[Read More]

Make a unique Facebook profile with your windows phone with this excellent app

Meet Cover, a brand new application for your Windows Phone 8 smartphone that lets you make Facebook cover photos right from your smartphone. The application has two modes: collage and transparent. * Collage mode makes a photo collage for your cover image. Select a template, pick your images and save to Facebook. It’s that easy. * Transparent mode generates your cover- and profile images from a sin...[Read More]

Impossible Run 2D comes to Windows Phone

Impossible Run 2D is one of the fastest rising games on the Windows Phone store. We installed the game on our Lumia 1320 and have been glued to the game ever since. The Impossible Run 2D runs beautifully on our Windows Phone. It loads quickly and runs like a charm on it. The background music is 8 bit and goes well with the simple and blocky graphics. The game tests your reflexes. Whenever you touc...[Read More]

Galaxium: Windows Phone Space Shooter Game

Lately, I have seen a lot of quality games hitting the marketplace. When my friend told me about this game called Galaxium, I immediately got an idea that it would be a typical space shooter game. But boy, this game is much more than that. The game, Galaxium is unpredictable and exiting – two ingredients which are mandatory for a space invader / shooter game. Its game developer has created a game ...[Read More]

WP7 Game – WordMonger

WordMonger is a nice word game that will be appreciated for those who look game like Book Worm or Scrabble. There are characters like Birdie who occasionally flies in dropping eggs on your letters, missiles which fall from the sky if you move too many tiles and more.  If you make short words you can get locked tiles and if you make poor quality words you can get a bomb tile. Bombs need to be defus...[Read More]

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