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Poly and the Marble maze is a modern platformer game for Windows 10 Mobile, Windows Phone 8.1 and Windows desktop

Poly and the Marble maze is a new universal app for windows and windows mobile platform that requires you to guide a ball through the challenging world of tricky puzzles. You will have to use the ball to collect all three crystals and later reach the flag to complete the level. Mini review: Installation was fairly quick since the game is mere 20MB in download size. It ran without any problem on my...[Read More]

Dunky Dough Ball Review, a great puzzle and strategy windows phone game

Dunky Dough Ball is a new game from a talented software house, NakedPenguinBoy and is available for windows phone, iOS and Android. The game installed perfectly on my Microsoft Lumia 535 and does not take up a lot of space. Dunky Dough Ball is great for passing time. In the game, your task is to maneuver Dunky – the main character through the kitched to the dipping bowl by collecting maximum numbe...[Read More]

Deal of the Week: Bubble Town 2

This week’s Microsoft Marketplace’s Deal of the Week is Bubble Town 2 whose price has been slashed from 3 dollars to 2 dollars for this week. Bubble Town 2 is basically a puzzle game where a stack of bubbles descend from the top to basically crush you (the player).   You fire bubbles at them to destroy the bubbles coming from top. Sounds fun? Well, only on paper as the controls are absolutely...[Read More]

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