Winzip for windows 10 mobile now available for download – WinRAR for windows phone

Download winzip for windows 10 mobile and gain zip and unzip functionality in the operating system. Microsoft promised that an exciting range of windows 10 universal apps were in the tunnel and they sure were right. Many apps have been released that use same code for desktop and mobile and today, folks at winzip have released Winrzip as universal windows 10 app.

Download winrar for windows 10 mobile

This means it is available for both windows 10 and windows 10 mobile. I personally have been using winrar on all of my windows computers from past one and half decade and still prefer using it over windows’ zip feature.

I installed it on my Lumia 950XL and it ran like a charm. The only downside is the annual subscription fee. It lets you open .zip, RAR, 7z, .zipx plus 22 more formats, including .gz, .bz, .ISO, .CAB, .B64, .BHX, .BZ, .BZ2, .CAB, .HQX, .LHA and .LHZ, .MIM, .TAZ, .TBZ, .TBZ2 .TGZ, .TZ, .UU, .UUE, .XXE, and .Z

You can create zip files and store them directly onto cloud service of your choice. Interact seamlessly with your DropBox, Google Drive, Box and OneDrive cloud services. Easily upload or download files, zip and encrypt before posting, and share links to files from your own email.

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