Bunny Goes Boom: a simple yet very addictive game for windows phone

Bunny Goes Boom is a very easy to play windows phone game where you pilot a rocket with a rabbit strapped to it. Then you streer around by pressing left or right side of screen to avoid obstacles.

bunny goes boom for windows phone review

It installed quickly on my Microsoft Lumia 535 and occupied just 11 MB of storage space on it so left it installed in main storage. The Bunny Goes Boom runs fine on 512MB devices just fine.

It is a great game to play for shorter periods and can get insanely addicting. Playing it is really easy – just touch sides of your screen to control the bunny and reach the maximum height you can while avoiding myriad ducks, balloons and even sharks! However a slightest contact with any of the obstacles will explode your rocket.
bunny goes boom review

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