Divido, a Retro Game for Puzzle and Arcade Game Lovers

Divido is a windows phone game that is also available for iOS and Android platform. It is a simple game that gets very challenging as you move to higher levels. The objective of the game is to score 99999 points, just like in the old times.

divido review

It is very easy to play – get rid of the blocks of the same number and at the same time, prevent the screen from flooding. You must look at the numbers shown below and choose appropriate one.

You have to select the right divisor and do some immediate calculations to find out which is the best divisor. This deletes some number blocks while the left overs increase a digit and game gets more and more complicated with every move which is nice.

divido windows phone review

Each levels introduces new divisors and thus gets extremely captivating and challenging as you keep on playing it again and again to get the highest score possible.

Windows phone review recommends this game.

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