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Windows Phone Review is a regularly updated site that covers upcoming and just released apps (and their reviews). Our team of six writers ensure you always have a wealth of well written content to help readers make important decisions about mobile applications and games.



Team of WindowsPhoneReview

Kamaldeep Singh

Kamaldeep is founder of WindowsPhoneReview and owns the entire KDS Tech Network. He has been using Windows ‘mobile’ devices before they were called “Windows Phones”. His first Windows ‘mobile’ device was HP iPAQ 2215 and he has owned almost every single Windows Phone / Mobile device till date. He also writes for windowsphonehelp.net which is a help site for windows phone users. He has also written for Pocket PC Magazine in 2008, 2009 and 2010.

Jasmeet Kaur

Based in New Delhi, Jasmeet is the senior edition with an emphasis on HTC and LG phones. She brings over 8 years of experience in mobile writing to the WindowsPhoneReview team. She comes from a journalism background that she actually never planned to be engage in. Journalism was not her original career plan and was born out of unexpectedly discovering a natural ability in writing which led to a strong desire to become a meaningful part of a journalistic team of some kind. Jasmeet pursued formal training at Delhi University, and then dabbled in various media outlets to find that his overwhelming passion lied with technology related topics, including mobile technological advancements, making her a perfect fit for the WindowsPhoneReview team.

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