Cyclops BallZ Review

I normally do not do a lot of game reviews but this one deserves a special mention. Cyclops Ballz is a action packed game where you swipe your finger to hit the ball on the person standing at a distance. The animations are top notch, at par with the games from big software houses such as Electronic Arts, Glu and SEGA. There are three modes – arcade mode, career mode and Multiplayer. The arcade is ...[Read More]

Divido, a Retro Game for Puzzle and Arcade Game Lovers

Divido is a windows phone game that is also available for iOS and Android platform. It is a simple game that gets very challenging as you move to higher levels. The objective of the game is to score 99999 points, just like in the old times. It is very easy to play – get rid of the blocks of the same number and at the same time, prevent the screen from flooding. You must look at the numbers shown b...[Read More]


Games Which are the best sniper games for windows phone and windows 10 mobile? The Sniper games genre is fairly popular among gamers. People like feeling like a true Read More Ludo Blitz is a simple, classic board game that is available for free from the windows store on windows 10 mobile, windows 10, windows phone 8.1 and windows Read More Poly and the Marble maze is a new universal app for windo...[Read More]

Poly and the Marble maze is a modern platformer game for Windows 10 Mobile, Windows Phone 8.1 and Windows desktop

Poly and the Marble maze is a new universal app for windows and windows mobile platform that requires you to guide a ball through the challenging world of tricky puzzles. You will have to use the ball to collect all three crystals and later reach the flag to complete the level. Mini review: Installation was fairly quick since the game is mere 20MB in download size. It ran without any problem on my...[Read More]

Asphalt 8: Airborne Review on Windows 10 Mobile

Asphalt 8: Airborne is very popular racing game and we were curious to see how well it would run on a budget windows phone like Lumia 635 running Windows 10 Mobile RTM build. It ran surprisingly well and Snapdragon 400 in the device is still plenty powerful to handle complex and CPU-taxing games like this. Video of Asphalt 8: Airborne in action About the game – yes the physics of the Asphalt 8: Ai...[Read More]

Call of Dead review for Windows Phone

The Call of Dead is a pretty good first person shooter game for windows phone platform. In the game, you play role of an army man who is the last hope for humanity to save the dying city from crazy spider-like alien creatures. Controls in the game are pretty nice and so are the graphics. Sound effects are good but would definitely not win any prize. However, keep in mind that this FPS game is free...[Read More]

Mice Invasion Review, a simple shooter Windows Phone game

Mice Invasion is a shooter windows phone game where you have to stop hordes of mice from plundering your farm. Your job is to stop them at any cost with your gun. However it is not an easy task as more and more mice start attacking you. Playing the Mice Invasion game is very simple – tilting on either sides of the screen moves your cat and shooting by tapping on the screen. Each received shot lowe...[Read More]

Run the Joint Review, an excellent running game for Windows Phone

Run the Joint is a windows phone game where you jump to escape with your ball and joint. Unlike most running games where you control one characters at a time, in Run the Joint, you control two and run your way without getting caught and dodging missiles, bullets, fire hydrants, aircrafts and myriad other obstacles. Download game for free There are total of 10 extremely well made and funny playing ...[Read More]

Spolier Alert Review, A unique game for Windows Phone

Spolier Alert is a platformer game for the Windows Phone which, at first glance feels so familiar yet is something you have never tried before. It is an interesting take on auto-runner platformer game that involves you running backwards through levels. So instead of completing the game in a conventional manner, you are uncompleting the game. For instance, if you had earlier flattened the head of y...[Read More]

Dunky Dough Ball Review, a great puzzle and strategy windows phone game

Dunky Dough Ball is a new game from a talented software house, NakedPenguinBoy and is available for windows phone, iOS and Android. The game installed perfectly on my Microsoft Lumia 535 and does not take up a lot of space. Dunky Dough Ball is great for passing time. In the game, your task is to maneuver Dunky – the main character through the kitched to the dipping bowl by collecting maximum numbe...[Read More]

Microsoft Lumia 535 unboxing and review

Notice the change in terminology in the Lumia family. There word Lumia is now appearing with Microsoft rather than Nokia. The Lumia 535 design is slightly different from the rest of the Lumia devices but it can still be easily recognized as “Lumia” from a distance. The one we got is a green color which also helps it stand out from the crowd. Lumia 535 unboxing The box is very similar to the Lumia ...[Read More]

Shred It is an amazing endless runner Windows Phone game

There are myriad endless runner games on the windows phone store but not a lot of them have great gameplay or graphics. Extra Mile Studios have released a game called Shred It that will join the list of high quality games. Shred It is an endless runner with a few interesting twists – and all done in a beautiful papercraft art style. Shred It review The game installed and ran just fine on my Micros...[Read More]

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