Zombie games

Zombie’s Got a Pogo Review, an excellent simple to play 2D game for windows phone

Zombie’s Got a Pogo is a unique 2D game for windows phone that has just hit the WP marketplace. The game play is very simple – a player controls the main character of the game by leaning him to set a landing angle that affects the angle of his next jump. You have to avoid pitfalls and obstacles to achieve a good score. There is no tough tutorial to go through – just start the game and play. We ins...[Read More]

Dead Clicker,­ a new arcade Zombie game

Dead Clicker has released a new action arcade zombie game. Gameplay is very simple – just use your fingers to kill the zombies as they pop up from the cemetery. Here are the features of Dead Clicker. Endless gameplay. Let’s see how far you can go 6 unique special Mojos. Kill zombies like a real maniac 3 types of enemies. You think it’s not enough? Soon you will regret it Perfect 2D graphics. Zombi...[Read More]

WP7 Game: Zombie Accountant

Going Loud Studios have developed Zombian accountant. The story line is that a terrifying zombie outbreak threatens to consume humanity and you are his victim to the undead curse, doomed to hunger for human flesh. In a startling turn of events, the army actually manages to contain and eliminate the threat. In most zombie games, players get extra points for hurting humans but not in this game.  Thi...[Read More]

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