HTC HD7 Extended Battery Review

While the HTC HD7s and HD7 have been overshadowed by sheer power of HTC Titan, it is still one of the best windows phones out there. Being an HD7 user myself, the only thing that I do not like about it is its battery life. Blame HTC for equipping it with 1230mAh battery, which is just not enough to power its huge 4.3 inch display and myriad of connectivity radios like 3G, Wi-Fi, Edge and so on. The only solution left to me was getting myself an extended battery.

No matter what I do improve battery life of my HD7, I could never make it last the whole day. So buying this battery was on the only viable option. Search for “extended 3500mah battery for hd7″ and you will find one easily on eBay.

Of course, my HD7 looks very ugly now, but at least it lasts me 2 days with heavy use. It is also ideal for those who are planning to take their HD7 on a long trip.

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