Which mobile devices have the most efficient battery life when you play online?

It is a fundamental problem with today’s mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets that we tend to need charge them on just about a daily basis, which can be very inconvenient. Although this is something that we have all come to accept, it really should not be; why should making a battery that will last more than just a few hours be so difficult? In fact phone batteries with long lifetimes and that can be charged in just minutes have been invented, but they are vastly expensive and still at the laboratory stage, though perhaps they will eventually become available.

In the meantime, if we are not to be rudely interrupted with a battery low warning when we are playing at our online casino site and have a winning poker hand, the best we can do is find a mobile device with a longer than average battery life. In terms of smartphones the one with the best battery life when playing online games using either W-Fi or connected to a 3G or 4G network is the Nokia Lumia flagship 1520. On a full charge you can play for around 10 hours depending on the strength of your signal, and when your battery runs out you can switch over to a spare one; something you can’t do with an iPhone or other Android devices.

The 1520 comes with a mammoth size 3400mAh battery which is biggest on any mobile device made till date. You not only get a device with longest runtimes but also a device with quad core snapdragon 800 processor by Qualcomm, 2 gigabytes of onboard memory and 32GB of flash storage. If you are on the verge of filling the built in storage, you can always use its micro SD card slot which can accommodate additional 128GB memory card. Together you will have more storage and power than the top end Apple iPhone 6 Plus that has just gone up for sale.

If the Nokia Lumia 1520 is too big for you, you can always go for the compact Nokia Lumia 930 that packs exactly the same specifications as the 1520 bur features a smaller 5 inch full HD display instead of 6″. Full HD resolution is used in many ultrabooks these days as well. In both the cases you get an amazing 20 mega pixel pure view camera with carl zeiss optics that takes absolutely breath taking pictures and smooth video.

If ten hours of online gaming is not enough and you would like to play even more processor intensive games like Halo Spartan Assault or Modern combat 5 late into the night, then you might be advised to go for a tablet rather than a smartphone. The tablet with the longest battery life is the latest iPad. Not only will it give you a full twelve hours of hardcore gaming but it also has the best display of any tablet on the market. And although you cannot switch iPad batteries you can use an external battery pack that will give you an additional 5 hours of gaming. Of course, you can also extent battery life by turning down the brightness.

Studies have shown that reducing the brightness prolong the battery life in a massive way. In some cases it can even double the runtimes.

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