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Here is the cocktail app all you drunkers have been waiting for! The app is called Cocktail flow and features numerous nifty features: * Virtual cabinet – tap the ingredients (spirits, liqueurs, mixers) and the app will show cocktails you can create from them. * Shopping assistant – offers ingredients to buy to create further cocktails. Also includes a price indication estimating how much buying t…[Read More]

Nokia Windows Phone

Nokia Windows Phone Notice the change in terminology in the Lumia family. There word Lumia is now appearing with Microsoft rather than Nokia. The Lumia 535 design Read More The much awaited update for the Microsoft Lumia 535 is now live. It is now receiving an important update that promises to fix the Read More Popular Indian shopping website has reduced the price of Lumia 520 by INR 468 (USD 8). …[Read More]

How to Install XAP in WP7

How to Install XAP in WP7 Tweet Tweet Got hold of a home brew (.xap) file and don’t know how to install it on your Windows Phone? Here is how: # Go to Start>Programs>Windows Phone Developer Tools> and run Application Deployment # Ensure the target is “Windows Phone 7 Device” # Browse to the .XAP that you are loading. # Connect your phone, wait for Zune sync to finish. Ensure it is not gue…[Read More]

Windows Phone Color Banding Fix

Windows Phone Color Banding Fix Tweet Tweet The NoDo introduced  a very peculiar problem in the HTC and Samsung WP7 devices – it forced the apps and games to use only 16 bit colors irrespective of what the display was actually capable of rendering. Microsoft said that it is the fault of HTC (in case of hTC Windows Phones) that they upgraded the color depth to 32 bit. This was outside the design re…[Read More]

Windows Phone 7.5?

Windows Phone 7.5? Tweet Tweet Windows Phone surely is getting a lot of attention these days, thanks to the infamous NoDo update. Now, Dark Force Team (DFT), the famous hackers who did the hard work in bringing WP7 to the HTC HD2 have already got hold of the upcoming Windows Phone Mango update. Today, they released a video of NoDo update running on an HD2 and guess what we found? – A new “se…[Read More]

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