Call of Dead review for Windows Phone

The Call of Dead is a pretty good first person shooter game for windows phone platform. In the game, you play role of an army man who is the last hope for humanity to save the dying city from crazy spider-like alien creatures.

Controls in the game are pretty nice and so are the graphics. Sound effects are good but would definitely not win any prize. However, keep in mind that this FPS game is free and you’re not paying a dime to play it. You will keep returning to play it as it runs smoothly on 512MB devices like Lumia 520 and 635.

Call of Dead is a great time killer. It doesn’t have a lot of gore which I’d quite refreshing for an FPS game. I wish I could move around but I am happy with what I got. I should not be expecting a Halo-like gameplay for an independent developer and I just want to say thank you to the developer for making this fantastic game. It is going to be on my Lumia for while for sure.

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