Darklings for Windows Phone review: an excellent adventurous game

Darklings is a adventurous game for windows phone that was released for iOS platform last year. The game was later ported to windows phone with some added exclusive content. In the game, you play role of a ghost called Lum whose duty is to rescue stolen stars. The stars were stolen by mysterious creatures called Darklings.

The entire game is gesture based which makes the game stand out from rest of games available on app store. You kill the enemies by making gestures of shapes that appear on their heads.

Immediately when you kill an enemy, stars will begin to float and you must capture them before they go out of gaming screen. The big stars add few seconds to the game timer and smaller ones cab be used to buy customizations and add-ones from in-game store.

A small tutorial guides you when you first start the game. After that you will land on the main menu where you will find myriad options to view souls of all character types. You can also customize your gaming character here.

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