Download VLC 2.0 for Windows 10 Mobile and Windows Phone

Folks at VLC have churned out VLC 2.0 for windows 10 and windows 10 mobile. This is a UWP app which means app code is shared and use same resources for both windows 10 and mobile variants. In a blog post, it is said that this VLC 2.0 has same features as iOS and android and a few more. Download VLC 2.0 for Windows 10 Mobile and Windows Phone Folks at VLC have churned out VLC 2.0 for windows 10 and...[Read More]

Winzip for windows 10 mobile now available for download – WinRAR for windows phone

Download winzip for windows 10 mobile and gain zip and unzip functionality in the operating system. Microsoft promised that an exciting range of windows 10 universal apps were in the tunnel and they sure were right. Many apps have been released that use same code for desktop and mobile and today, folks at winzip have released Winrzip as universal windows 10 app. This means it is available for both...[Read More]

Currency Converters for Windows Phone

Are you looking for a currency convertor for your Windows Phone? Well here is the list of best currency convertors available for the WP platform (in no particular order). We have enlisted the ones that work and have easy to use UI. 1. XE Currency Convert every world currency with XE Currency. With live currency rates and charts, it’s simple and free! Features: – Every world currency & precious...[Read More]

Cyclops BallZ Review

I normally do not do a lot of game reviews but this one deserves a special mention. Cyclops Ballz is a action packed game where you swipe your finger to hit the ball on the person standing at a distance. The animations are top notch, at par with the games from big software houses such as Electronic Arts, Glu and SEGA. There are three modes – arcade mode, career mode and Multiplayer. The arcade is ...[Read More]

Divido, a Retro Game for Puzzle and Arcade Game Lovers

Divido is a windows phone game that is also available for iOS and Android platform. It is a simple game that gets very challenging as you move to higher levels. The objective of the game is to score 99999 points, just like in the old times. It is very easy to play – get rid of the blocks of the same number and at the same time, prevent the screen from flooding. You must look at the numbers shown b...[Read More]

How to measure Internet speed on Windows Phone?

If you are looking for the best application to measure internet speed, just download “Speedtest by Ookla” from the Windows Store on your windows phone. It is a universal app so it shares code from its desktop counterpart. Download size of Speedtest is 96MB.   Speedtest app for windows phone does the following. * Test internet speeds * ping test * packetloss * download test * upload test After...[Read More]


Apps Best BTC Bitcoin wallet for windows phone / Windows 10 Mobile. There are 3-4 bitcoin wallets available on windows phone store but not all of them can be Read More Best eReaders for Windows Phone / Windows 10 Mobile How did we test and find eReaders for windows phone? We used four ePub and PDF files to see Read More Folks at VLC have churned out VLC 2.0 for windows 10 and windows 10 mobile. Th...[Read More]

WP7 Eduacational App: NihongoUp

NihongoUp is an educational app that offers the users the ability to improve kana reading speed and learn Japanese grammar. The app features several game modes which allow the player to improve his kana typing and reading speed, review JLPT kanji and vocabulary, and learn Japanese grammar in context. The app features Hiragana, katakana, kanji, vocabulary, particles, counters, and transitive verb p...[Read More]

Google Maps for WP7

Microsoft may hate the homebrew app development, but I am not complaining at all since the community is thriving with valuable additions to be used with WP7 devices. TechAutos has churned out an app that gives you same functionality like Google Maps (since it uses Maps’ API anyway). So until MS approves Google Maps app for WP7, this app is a must install.

Best Sniper Games for Windows Phone: Top Windows 10 Mobile Sniper Games

Which are the best sniper games for windows phone and windows 10 mobile? The Sniper games genre is fairly popular among gamers. People like feeling like a true hitman by taking bad gusy down. That is why we have reviewed the top sniper games for windows phone so that you don’t have to do this tiring job. Some sniper games for windows phone have immense blood while some are just downright funny. So...[Read More]

Review of Movavi Slideshow Maker

We all want to create photo slideshows but do not have the knowledge or expertise on how to do so. But there are some amazing apps out there that make this process very easy. The best of the bunch is Movavi Slideshow Maker and this is the review of it. Once you have installed it, you will be surprised to see how easy it is to create stunning slideshows in minutes. Using it is very easy. Just add y...[Read More]

Movavi Photo Batch review

Microsoft windows offer no easy way to perform batch resize of pictures. So if you want to resize a set of pictures, the user has no choice but to look at third party options. The best way to do is by making use of Movavi Photo Batch. Download it from the official website and install it on your computer by following easy-to-follow instructions of the windows installer. The installation process sho...[Read More]

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