Windows Phone Review: NFS Hot Pursuit

EA took quite a long time in getting Need for Speed (NFS) Hot Pursuit to our Windows Phones, but hey, since it is finally here, we are loving every bit of it. The game is just like the xBox / iOS version – you become either a cop or a thief. So when you are a good guy (cop), you chase the bag guys (or fellow cops) – the guy who has to be beaten and vice-versa. There are some levels (when you play as the thief), where you race against other ‘thieves’, just like you would do in vanilla NFS gameplay.

This windows phone game is pretty simple to one. The car auto accelerates and there are no complex mechanics to worry about. It is basically a pick-up and play and racing game, just like its predecessor  – NFS Underground.

The game takes quite a lot of time to load – 15 seconds on my HTC Mozart running Windows Phone 7.5 operating system. If you feel thats a lot, the game takes around 40-50 seconds to load a level, which is huge for a mobile game. To me, that is not acceptable and I am pretty sure people on the move do not like games with awful loading times.

Fortunately, gameplay is very smooth and satisfying. Graphics are top notch and there are plenty of amazing cars to drive. If you do not mind the waiting time, this is the best game for windows phone – hands down – after Plants vs Zombies I guess.

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