Spolier Alert Review, A unique game for Windows Phone

Spolier Alert is a platformer game for the Windows Phone which, at first glance feels so familiar yet is something you have never tried before. It is an interesting take on auto-runner platformer game that involves you running backwards through levels.

So instead of completing the game in a conventional manner, you are uncompleting the game. For instance, if you had earlier flattened the head of your enemy earlier, you must unflatten it by jumping on it while going backwards.

The Spolier Alert is an incredibly funny game. You try repeatedly to complete the level while undoing what you did earlier. Each level is not that challenging and you should be able to complete it in 2-3 attempts. Controls are spot on but occasional timing issues do arise especially when you’re trying to do something fast.

The game has trial version and is definitely worth downloading. It is an interesting take at a platformer game and we are sure Windows Phone users will enjoy playing it.

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