Lumia 535 gets software update, most touch screen issues resolved (build 14234)

The much awaited update for the Microsoft Lumia 535 is now live. It is now receiving an important update that promises to fix the touch screen issues faced by its users. Since I personally own one, I am now finally able to use Swype-style keyboard – something I was not able to do since the device’s launch. Note that the OS version has also been bumped to 14234.

The phone was plagued with issues such as inability to track input especially when performing multi touch gestures. Most of them have been resolved. Here is a screen shot from Multi Touch Test app showing a multi touch gesture correctly recognized.

That said display sensitivity is still not perfect – not something we windows phone users are used too. Every now and then you will be come across instances where multi touch input will not be properly recognized. Following screenshot shows two finger input but only one was recognized.

Clearly this is a hardware issue but Microsoft has indeed done a great job in finally making its first non-Nokia smartphone, Lumia 535, usable. You will be able to play multi touch games like Halo, Modern Combat which were previously unplayable as screen was not able to recognize inputs properly.

If you have not received a notification, go to Settings > Phone Update and check for updates.

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