WP7: Sync OutLook Contacts

Microsoft has made a weird decision of not including Outlook syncing. Users of Windows Mobile 6.5 and earlier versions are bound to get confused as there is no Activesync or Mobile Center for Windows Phone. So, how to get your Outlook contacts to your new shiny WP7 device? Here is how: 1) Make a new Gmail account 2) Then download Google Calendar Sync Tool (link given below) 3) Download GO Contact ...[Read More]

WP7 Game: Zombie Accountant

Going Loud Studios have developed Zombian accountant. The story line is that a terrifying zombie outbreak threatens to consume humanity and you are his victim to the undead curse, doomed to hunger for human flesh. In a startling turn of events, the army actually manages to contain and eliminate the threat. In most zombie games, players get extra points for hurting humans but not in this game.  Thi...[Read More]

WP7 Game – WordMonger

WordMonger is a nice word game that will be appreciated for those who look game like Book Worm or Scrabble. There are characters like Birdie who occasionally flies in dropping eggs on your letters, missiles which fall from the sky if you move too many tiles and more.  If you make short words you can get locked tiles and if you make poor quality words you can get a bomb tile. Bombs need to be defus...[Read More]

Need For Speed Undercover

EA, one of the biggest game publishers in the world will soon be rolling-out NFS Undercover for the windows phone 7 devices. Now, here is the best part, all of your achievements will be stored as XBox Live Achievements that will add to your gamescore. For those who don’t know, this gamescore is shared between WP7, Windows PC games and xBox 360 games. The game will have 24 undercover missions and e...[Read More]

Samsung I1810C – Windows Phone with 3.7-inch display!

Samsung Omnia was a pretty compact phone, but same cannot be said about the Samsung I1810C that sports a massive 3.7-inch AMOLED display. This smartphone from Samsung supports TD-SCDMA networks and runs the latest Windows Mobile 6.5 operating system. Its screen has WVGA resolution, the maximum supported by Windows Mobile. There is a camera above the display for video calls and 5 mega-pixel camera ...[Read More]

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