WP7: Sync OutLook Contacts

Microsoft has made a weird decision of not including Outlook syncing. Users of Windows Mobile 6.5 and earlier versions are bound to get confused as there is no Activesync or Mobile Center for Windows Phone. So, how to get your Outlook contacts to your new shiny WP7 device? Here is how:

1) Make a new Gmail account

2) Then download Google Calendar Sync Tool (link given below)

3) Download GO Contact Sync Mod (link given below). Make sure you enter something in the profile name.

4) Now open Google calendar app and sync it. Then open Go Contact Sync Mod app and click on sync. Give it some time to upload your contacts. It took ~5-6 minutes to upload 550 contacts of mine. Slow, I know.

5) Now, sync your WP7 with Google. Go to Settings>email & accounts> and add your account.[google calender tool] [go contact sync]More WP7 TipsIn case you are moving from an iPhone / Windows Mobile 6 / Blackberry / Android, first sync your contacts with Outlook and then export to Google Contacts using aforementioned method.

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