WP7 Game – WordMonger

WP7 Game – WordMonger

WordMonger is a nice word game that will be appreciated for those who look game like Book Worm or Scrabble. There are characters like Birdie who occasionally flies in dropping eggs on your letters, missiles which fall from the sky if you move too many tiles and more.  If you make short words you can get locked tiles and if you make poor quality words you can get a bomb tile. Bombs need to be defused within a short space of time, so while WordMonger is not played against the clock, there is occasionally timed areas of the game.


The dictionary is a subset of the official Scrabble dictionary (3-7 letters).  For each word in the dictionary we have calculated how likely the word is to be used in common English usage.  We did this by calculating word frequencies from approximately 11,000 sources including the WikiNews, WikiPedia, Project Guttenburg and by also looking at statistical results received from searching the internet for each word.  So, we give points for each word based on the letters used (like Scrabble) and also the “quality” of the word.  This means a word like “from” won’t score as highly as a word like “pish”.  We closely monitor the average word power of the player and display bonus words that strive to push the player to increase his or her vocabulary. Costs $0.99

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