Windows Phone Battery Life: How to Improve it [Tips]

Many users have been complaining about the terrible battery life they are getting from their Windows Phone. The main reason behind this is the fact that most services are on by default which gobble up the battery pretty quickly. So, here are some tips to improve the battery life of your Windows Phone smartphone

Shorter Screen time out – You can set this by going to Settings > Brightness > Automatically adjust > Select “Low” from the Level dropdown menu.

Use Dark Background – Make sure you are using dark background. Do this by going to Settings > Theme > Background > select “Dark”

Turn Off 3G – Turn 3G off when not in use. This option is on by default and is the major reason for poor battery life. Turn it off by going to Settings > Cellular > Tap on 3G connection to toggle it to ‘off’ state.

Turn off data connection – Turn the Data Connection off when not using it. Even if you are not using Internet, your phone keeps doing stuff like checking for software and app updates in the background. You can turn it off by going to by going to Settings > Data Connection. Turn it off. Your battery runtimes will improve by a mile.

Turn off Wi-Fi – Major battery sucker. Turn it off when not in use. Go to Settings > Wi-Fi and turn off the “Wi-Fi networking”.

Phone update – You should allow your Windows Phone to search for updates only when using Wi-Fi connection. Otherwise, you may be billed for extra charges. Do this by going to Settings > Phone Update and uncheck the checkbox that says “use my cellular data connection to check for updates”.

Manual Sync – Automatic syncing can drink that battery juice pretty quickly. Also, you should have control on what you want to be synced and what you don’t. Windows Phone always prefers automatic sync for some reason, whereas I always prefer it to be manual. You can do that by going to Settings > Email & Accounts > Tap on an account. Under “download new content”, select “manually”. Repeat this process for all accounts.

Turn off vibration – Vibrating motor sucks battery like a thirsty person in the desert. Turn it off (Settings > Ringtones and Sounds > Vibrate)

Turn Off Keypress sounds – I find them annoying too. Turn it off by going to Settings > Ringtones and Sounds > uncheck “Key Press”

Disable feedback – Turn it off by going to Settings > Feedback

Other ways to improve it include carrying an extra battery or a charger. Feel free to send this article’s link to your friends.

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