Free Must Have Games for Windows Phone 8

Free Must Have Games for Windows Phone 8

So you just bought yourself a shiny new Windows phone 8 smartphone and you puzzled which all games you should install. However, you also do not want to shell out a single dollar, so here is the list of best free games for the windows phone 8 platform.

1. Roundy Dash – It is a side scrolling game where you control Roundy who misses his mom. Your mission is to get him home ASAP. It runs an fast speed and the game feels like super mario, where you jump through myriad obstacles and collect coins and powerups. [link]

2. Drawtopia – It is a very sleek looking physics game where your asks is to guide one ball’s quest across levels to reach the exit. You can do that by drawing lines on the display. Just keep in mind that you drawing capability is limited and there are plethora of dangers along the way. By collecting stars, you can unlock secret levels. [link]

3. LostKeys – It is based on 1985 classic arcade game Solomon key. This game comes from a small software house and they have put some amazingly crisp graphics in it. In the game, you go through various levels to collect the key and then, get to the exit while avoiding all the bad people. You will find fairies and treasures in the game that help you out with the magic wand that can be used to destroy (or build) sandstone blocks. [link]

4. Bomberman vs Zombies – If you did not find Bomberman fun enough, try out this game which adds Zombies to the gameplay. In the game, you have to save the world by killing all the zombies and find the key that unlock the boxes. Use the bomb types and bonuses to do away with creepy walkers. You can take a quick glance at each level by making use of zooming option. [link]

5. 3D Paperball – The game sounds ridiculous, but is actually fun to play. It is very easy in the beginning but gets tougher as you progress through the levels. If you do great, you will be prompted to enter your name in the international leaderboard. [link]

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