Run the Joint Review, an excellent running game for Windows Phone

Run the Joint is a windows phone game where you jump to escape with your ball and joint. Unlike most running games where you control one characters at a time, in Run the Joint, you control two and run your way without getting caught and dodging missiles, bullets, fire hydrants, aircrafts and myriad other obstacles.

There are total of 10 extremely well made and funny playing environments. Throughout the game, you can collect coins which can be used to unlock various characters like Mutant Beast or Voodoo Kid. Alternatively, you can straight-out purchase them using in-app purchase feature.

Interestingly both characters can jump at the same time and it is possible for two characters to be on different platforms, allowing you to collect coins on both levels simultaneously. However keep on mind if one character falls, other falls too as they are a joint, remember?

Run the Joint is a quite simple game and gets challenging as you play it. It gets very tricky when you have to control the jumps of inmate and his ball in later stages.

Run the Joint trailer

The game is available for free from windows phone store.

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