Windows Phone Premium fitness Apps: Push Ups, Sit Ups, Squats, Pull Ups Trainer

Are you looking for a suite of fitness apps that help you manage and track your fitness routines? Then take a quick glance at the Fitness 4-in-1 app from Clipinmedia, that includes a Squats, push up, sit ups and pull ups trainer. Here are its features.

Windows Phone Premium fitness App

* Beautiful & attractive interface
* Audio coaching throughout the program
* Automatic counters included
* Sleek visual graphs to track progress
* Great looking rewards & trophies
* Perfect workout guides
* 80 Smart tips & info
* 9×4 week’s solid training programs designed by fitness professionals

4-In-1 Fitness Pack: 4 perfect fitness workouts in one app
* 0 to 100+ pushups program assist you to accomplish 100+ pushups in one go from zero.
* 0 to 200+ sit-ups training program for getting perfectly shaped abs
* 0 to 200+ squats for perfect curves and strong legs
* 0 to 50+ pull-ups program to get V-Shaped upper boy and strong arms

* Gain muscular endurance and strength in short span of time
* Incremental training to tune your body to do max reps
* Audio coach tells you when to exert and when to take rest
* Switch to Auto mode (automatically turn to next step in the program)
* Each work out session lasts 15-20 minutes
* Each program consist of 9 weeks and 3 tasks per week

Easy to use & enjoyable experience
* Share scores with friends
* Repeat / Re-do workout any time
* Guide included to perfect your pushups posture
* Interesting fitness facts & tips
* Listen to your favorite music while working out
* Unlock rewards & earn trophies – Endless motivation
* Social sharing included (Facebook, Twitter etc.)

Track Progress
* Graphical chart to track your complete progress

You can also download Push Ups, Sit Ups, Squats, Pull Ups Trainers separately. Watch its video review here

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