Movavi Photo Batch review

Microsoft windows offer no easy way to perform batch resize of pictures. So if you want to resize a set of pictures, the user has no choice but to look at third party options. The best way to do is by making use of Movavi Photo Batch. Download it from the official website and install it on your computer by following easy-to-follow instructions of the windows installer. The installation process should not take more than a minute.

Start the application and start adding pictures or entire folders. Feel free to add multiple pictures at once as the Movavi Photo Batch is a batch image resizer capable of handling thousands of photos at once. Shrinking the size of an image is easy – just enter the number of pixels or percentage. If you want to decrease the resolution by 30 percent, enter thirty in the field.

When you reduce the resolution of an image, its size also goes down and you free up valuable disk space which you can use for other purposes such as for installing more applications, games and whatnot. Photo sharing on platforms like facebook and instagram will be much faster too as files with smaller file sizes are faster to transfer and share. You will be able to squeeze in a lot of pictures in a single email.

Movavi Photo Batch is much more than a simple resizer. It can do mass renaming of pictures and you can even enhance pictures, all at once by clicking few mouse buttons. Want to add date and time to the picture? No problem – Movavi Photo Batch can do it.

It is even possible to change the photo orientation all at once which is super useful if you took considerable amount of pictures with wrong orientation.

It has lots of image editing capabilities built in it as well. You can change white balance, contrast, brightness and lot of other things to your picture to make it look even better.

Now that we have specified all the required settings, click on the batch export button to save the modified pictures on your computer’s disk drive. This process can take a while if there are thousands of pictures waiting to be processed.

The Movavi Photo Batch makes use of special algorithms that will save the pictures without any loss in quality. There are tons of image formats to choose from outputting the file but most popular one is still JPG.

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