Deal of the Week: Bubble Town 2

This week’s Microsoft Marketplace’s Deal of the Week is Bubble Town 2 whose price has been slashed from 3 dollars to 2 dollars for this week. Bubble Town 2 is basically a puzzle game where a stack of bubbles descend from the top to basically crush you (the player).


You fire bubbles at them to destroy the bubbles coming from top. Sounds fun? Well, only on paper as the controls are absolutely horrible. If the last week’s deal of the week was ridiculous (James Patterson’s women murder club), this one is plain disaster. Why is Microsoft making such games deal of the week when nobody wants to buy them after playing their trial version.


They should make games like “fruit ninja” and “sonic the hedgehog” (shameless priced at 7 dollars!) deal of the week. Still interested? Here is the zune marketplace link.

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