Edit any picture using Movavi Photo Editor

Which is the best way to edit a photograph on a computer if you are not a computer expert? Chances are you do not know a single application that is noob friendly – something that allows a non-computer expert to easily edit photos. Well, there is one and it is called Movavi photo editor. This image editor is so friendly to use that even a teenager with little computer experience can use it. It is compatible with both windows and Macintosh operating system so you can use this app without having any app compatibility issues.

One can use this Movavi photo editor to enhance the pictures taken by you or someone else. Just download the application from the official website and follow the onscreen instructions to install the application.

It is very easy to install it and it takes less than a minute for it to complete. After that, fire up the app and click on the controls placed on the right to start editing the photo. It is hands down the simplest image editor you would have ever used – we promise that.

Movavi image editor comes with bucketful of filters to give a different beautiful touch to your pictures. This include magic enhance, contrast, brightness, saturation, temperature, exposure, lomo, sepia, oil painting, pixelate and black and white. Working with these functions is simple – simply drag the slider to left or right to decrease or increase that particular effect on the photo.

And if, in case you are not satisfied with the results, you can undo the effects or go back to original state where you had not applied any effects. This will allow you to start from start. All the effects are applied on the picture immediately so you can make out what a particular effect does to the image.

You can even do some editing on it. For instance, you can resize a photo to make it look big or small. Or if you want a particular portion of image to be visible, you can crop it. Other nifty list of effects include rotate, flip and level. Another very useful feature is its ability to apply a different background – that is, re-imagining a subject with a different background image.

For that, first open that picture and select the portion you want to keep with a green marker. Then using a red marker, select the background you want to swap with a different one. Click on the Cut out to remove the old background. Now choose any other image to change the background of the original image.

We suggest trying Movavi photo editor even if you have never edited or retouched a photo before in your life. With this editor, you will be able to give your pics an amazing look in very less time.

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