Best Sniper Games for Windows Phone: Top Windows 10 Mobile Sniper Games

Which are the best sniper games for windows phone and windows 10 mobile?

The Sniper games genre is fairly popular among gamers. People like feeling like a true hitman by taking bad gusy down. That is why we have reviewed the top sniper games for windows phone so that you don’t have to do this tiring job. Some sniper games for windows phone have immense blood while some are just downright funny. So download only the ones you are comfortable playing.

Here are the best sniper games for windows phone.

Sniper Fury

This is the best sniper game for windows phone and enjoys excellent reviews at the windows store. While the game content is a bit repetitive, Gameloft, its developer works hard in keeping the content as fresh as possible. There is almost no learning curve as well so if you want to play a sniper game that does not require any manual, this is the game for you. Price: $0.00 – Free

Sniper Shooting

If you are looking for a casual sniper game for windows phone, Sniper Shooting will do a fine job. The game has 6 chapters and 36 missions which will keep you busy for many hours. It is fun, addicting and challenges get tougher as you proceed. The quality of graphics is good and there are varieties of guns to choose from. Price: $0.00 – Free

Sniper Ops 3D

This could have been the best sniper game for windows phone but is at number is due to sheer number of ads. It has whopping 150 missions in total including many helicopter and humvee operations which are not present in other sniper games. The graphics are crisp and beautiful. Good shooter game that is not easy and make you play to get better. Price: $0.00 – Free

Sniper 3D Assassin

Another amazing sniper game for windows phone. Getting a headshot is most enjoyable in this game. We like the overall gameplay and graphics but hated the fact the best guns cost so much. Missions are not too easy and controls are precise – perfect for sniper games. Price: $0.00 – Free

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