Enter OrcKid launched for Windows Phone

Me, We studios have launched their game “Enter OrcKid” for the windows phone. The game is made with a partnership between Creative England and Microsoft.

The Enter OrcKid is a fighting game where you go on a quest to hack a bloody swathe through the enemies of your Orcish brethren.Here are the features of the game:* Intuitive and original touchscreen controls
* A plethora of funny items to unlock and customise your warrior!
* A colourful cast of fiendish enemies
* A rich combat animation system of twirling spinning death dealing!
* A premium model with no IAPHere is the video of the game. Looks amazing!

The game is already available for desktop Windows but has been tweaked for mobile displays. Amir Latif, Studio Head said

We’re delighted to announce our first self-published game of an original intellectual property on the Windows App Store as Me,We Studios. We’re delighted to be working in conjunction with Creative England and Microsoft Studios to bring this experience to Windows Phone devices first.We hope to be able to add even more creativity to the title with updates to the gameplay and content.Download the game from here.

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