HTC HD7 NoDo ROM Instructions

HTC HD7 NoDo ROM Instructions

Few days back, I posted a complete tutorial about how to get NoDo on HTC 7 Mozart. But you own an HTC HD7 and you are still waiting for the amazing NoDo ROM update that brings copy paste functionality and speed improvements. Well, you have every right to be mad at carrier / manufacture who is still not pushing out the update. Fortunately, there is a way to get the update by Flashing some of the ROMs pre-packed with NoDo update. Just follow these instructions and you will be running HD7 with NoDo update in 15 minutes or less.

First download this file and this. Then download, ModelID.fig file from here. Extract the contents of “RUU_Schubert_O2_UK_1.57.728.02_Radio_5.52.09.16_22 .33a.50.10U_Signed_by_ansar” by using a utility like 7-zip (download link – freeware).

Now extract “RUU_Schubert_HTC_Europe_1.69.401.01_Radio_5.54.09. 21_22.33b.50.10_Signed_SCHUBERT_RELEASE” using 7-zip as well. Paste the ModelID.fig downloaded to the folder where you extracted the contents of the folder “RUU_Schubert_HTC_Europe_1.69.401.01_Radio_5.54.09. 21_22.33b.50.10_Signed_SCHUBERT_RELEASE”.

Now, we are all set to flash the ROM. To do that, we will need to put the HD7 in bootloader mode. For that, turn off your HD7 (press power button for some seconds); press and hold “Volume Down” button and then press the “power button” to put HD7 in bootloader mode.

Still here? Great. Open “RUU_Schubert_O2_UK_1.57.728.02_Radio_5.52.09.16_22 .33a.50.10U_Signed_by_ansar” folder and run the ROMupdateUtility executable file (exe, not cfg) and follow the onscreen instructions. When the progress will reach 100 percent, it will show an error on computer saying “ERROR [270]: UPDATE ERROR”. Ignore it. You phone is still in bootloader mode. Do not panic. We are still good.

Now, open the folder “RUU_Schubert_HTC_Europe_1.69.401.01_Radio_5.54.09. 21_22.33b.50.10_Signed_SCHUBERT_RELEASE” and run ROMupdateUtility executable file (again, it should be an exe, not cfg file) and follow the onscreen instructions. This time, it would not show an error message.

That is it. Enjoy your HTC HD7 with NoDo update.


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