Cyclops BallZ Review

Cyclops BallZ Review

I normally do not do a lot of game reviews but this one deserves a special mention. Cyclops Ballz is a action packed game where you swipe your finger to hit the ball on the person standing at a distance. The animations are top notch, at par with the games from big software houses such as Electronic Arts, Glu and SEGA.

There are three modes – arcade mode, career mode and Multiplayer. The arcade is the one I explained above, while in career mode, you have earn ranks that allow to proceed to next level.

In this, you play with CPU and by defeating it you earn points and ranks. For example: I earned 94 ranks after beating the CPU in the first round and in order to proceed to the next round, I must earn at least 300 points.


(+) Demo is good enough to get an idea of how nice the game is
(+) Pretty good game. Challenging.
(+) Multiplayer support
(+) You can assign a photo before you upload your score.


(-) Background music could be better.
(-) Icon in the Games folder should be high resolution.
(-) Price should be reduced to 1-2 dollars
(-) No Xbox Live Integration

Do I recommend it? Yes. Absolutely. You will love it. Costs 3 dollars. [marketplace LINK]

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