How to measure Internet speed on Windows Phone?

How to measure Internet speed on Windows Phone?

If you are looking for the best application to measure internet speed, just download “Speedtest by Ookla” from the Windows Store on your windows phone. It is a universal app so it shares code from its desktop counterpart. Download size of Speedtest is 96MB.


Speedtest app for windows phone does the following.

* Test internet speeds
* ping test
* packetloss
* download test
* upload test

After doing the test, you can easily share your results with your friends as well. The report includes test date, download speed, upload speed, ping, connection type, server, internal IP, external IP, latitude and longitude along with Google Maps coordinates.

We tested it on a public network and found results to be pretty accurate.


The app is very simple and straight forward. You are presented with a “Go” button in center of the screen – just press it and it will search for the closest testing station and start conducting speed tests.

We tested it on Lumia 430 running latest version of official Windows 10 build for mobile devices. The Speedtest app is also available for iPhone, Andorid, Mac OS, Apple TV and Chrome OS.


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