Which is better for gaming and productivity: Tablet, Phablet or Mini Laptop

Technology is changing at a very fast pace. Back in 2008, the whole Internet was saying so many good things about the mini laptops, known as netbooks back then. But now, most of the mini laptop manufactures have boycotted this range and have been focusing on tablets and big phones. Tablets and big phones called the phablets, compared to mini laptops, are lighter and have better battery life. They are excellent if you going to consume media only. Since they do not have hardware keyboards or quality office apps, they are no good for doing serious business.

Mini laptops run windows operating system and thus you are able to do real work on the move. The downside, when compared to a full size notebook is the fact you get very small real estate to work. But then again, it depends on what you are doing.

If you are going to watch media or do office work, and web browsing only, then you will have no problem with the real estate. In fact going for a phablet like Nokia Lumia 1520 windows phone makes more sense. You can find phablet tablets. There are many more games out there for the Android and X86 windows platform.

If you are a fan of big screens, then consider going for something like Onda tablet. It retails for under 300 dollars and offers a ton of features like big IPS screen, lots of storage, micro SD card expansion, massive battery and latest Android operating system. However if you are into flash games, then you will need to buy a windows tablet since only that platform supports flash. The reason is that Adobe has discontinued flash for Android so you will not be able to play flash based games if you get an Android tablet.


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