Windows Phone Custom Ringtones

Custom Ringtones will be made available in the WP7 Mango update (Windows Phone 7.5) but what if you wanted to set your favorite song as ringtone before that? There is a way to do that. In fact, I posted about getting custom ringtones on your WP7 phone way back in December last year. Now, there is a much more polished way of getting it done – RingRing7.

Here are its features:

* Simple drag and drop operation – just drag a media file onto it
* Converts virtually any format to the required WMA one, even takes audio out of video files
* Supports trimming the incoming file to the desired length
* One-click deployment to the device
* Open source – improve it if you want

Of course, to get it on your phone, you will need a unlocked device. Feel free to follow my WP7 unlock guide to unlock your Windows Phone.

download RingRing7

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