Dunky Dough Ball Review, a great puzzle and strategy windows phone game

Dunky Dough Ball is a new game from a talented software house, NakedPenguinBoy and is available for windows phone, iOS and Android. The game installed perfectly on my Microsoft Lumia 535 and does not take up a lot of space.

Dunky Dough Ball is great for passing time. In the game, your task is to maneuver Dunky – the main character through the kitched to the dipping bowl by collecting maximum number of coins and avoiding obstacles. These obstacles include dragons, lava and buzz saws. There is an epic fight level too.

You use coins to move through the game. While in some levels it is easy to get Dunky to dipping bowl quickly, you might need those coins later to unlock levels.

Feature list:
* 80 Tricky levels to explore
* All kinds of spicy evils to dodge
* Earn and unlock new characters
* Claim daily rewards
* Unlock each stage to reveal bonus levels & to fight the boss

The requires you to have 1GB RAM and is totally free. Download it and you will love it.

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