Noreve Lumia 920 Case Review

I have heard some pretty great things about the Noreve, a popular case company. So, I bite the bullet and ordered Noreve Ambition leather case and it is the one of the best looking cases one can buy for their Lumia 920 windows phone. Here is how the packaging looks like. The case has smell of real, genuine leather. You get the smell immediately you take it out of the case. The case shown above is ...[Read More]

Windows Phone Tango Review

With the new Windows Phone Tango update, Microsoft has laid new guidelines that will allow the mobile phone manufactures to make less-spec demanding and thus cheap phones that will target the low-end market. In fact, we are already seeing windows phone with these specs – Lumia 610 and ZTE Orbit, both of which feature just 256MB RAM. Find out more about Tango in this short to-the-point review. The ...[Read More]

Windows Phone Review: NFS Hot Pursuit

EA took quite a long time in getting Need for Speed (NFS) Hot Pursuit to our Windows Phones, but hey, since it is finally here, we are loving every bit of it. The game is just like the xBox / iOS version – you become either a cop or a thief. So when you are a good guy (cop), you chase the bag guys (or fellow cops) – the guy who has to be beaten and vice-versa. There are some levels (when you play ...[Read More]

HTC One M8 for Windows on sale on T-Mobile USA

The HTC One M8 for Windows is now on sale from T-Mobile USA for just zero dollar up front fees if you go with their Simple Choice plan. If you wish to go contract free, you will have to pay 585 dollars upfront. Here are its specifications: Size and Weight – 5.68 x 2.77 x 0.37 inches; 5.64 ounces Operating System and Processor – Windows Phone 8.1; 2.3 GHz Quad Core Processor Battery Life – Up to 20...[Read More]

HTC HD7 Extended Battery Review

While the HTC HD7s and HD7 have been overshadowed by sheer power of HTC Titan, it is still one of the best windows phones out there. Being an HD7 user myself, the only thing that I do not like about it is its battery life. Blame HTC for equipping it with 1230mAh battery, which is just not enough to power its huge 4.3 inch display and myriad of connectivity radios like 3G, Wi-Fi, Edge and so on. Th...[Read More]

Download HTC 7 Mozart Official Mango (Windows Phone 7.5) [leaked]

HTC is going to release Mango (Windows Phone 7.5) update for its windows phones sometime later this month. But someone at xda-devs has already got hold of this soon-to-be-released ROM. It has been confirmed by many users that it is infact the official ROM meant to be released to the public. Earlier, there were many unofficial ways that allowed the users to upgrade to the RTM or the developer versi...[Read More]

Deal of the Week: Bubble Town 2

This week’s Microsoft Marketplace’s Deal of the Week is Bubble Town 2 whose price has been slashed from 3 dollars to 2 dollars for this week. Bubble Town 2 is basically a puzzle game where a stack of bubbles descend from the top to basically crush you (the player).   You fire bubbles at them to destroy the bubbles coming from top. Sounds fun? Well, only on paper as the controls are absolutely...[Read More]

Windows Phone 7.5?

Windows Phone 7.5? Tweet Tweet Windows Phone surely is getting a lot of attention these days, thanks to the infamous NoDo update. Now, Dark Force Team (DFT), the famous hackers who did the hard work in bringing WP7 to the HTC HD2 have already got hold of the upcoming Windows Phone Mango update. Today, they released a video of NoDo update running on an HD2 and guess what we found? – A new “se...[Read More]

Windows Phone Battery Life: How to Improve it [Tips]

Many users have been complaining about the terrible battery life they are getting from their Windows Phone. The main reason behind this is the fact that most services are on by default which gobble up the battery pretty quickly. So, here are some tips to improve the battery life of your Windows Phone smartphone Shorter Screen time out – You can set this by going to Settings > Brightness > Au...[Read More]

Galaxium: Windows Phone Space Shooter Game

Lately, I have seen a lot of quality games hitting the marketplace. When my friend told me about this game called Galaxium, I immediately got an idea that it would be a typical space shooter game. But boy, this game is much more than that. The game, Galaxium is unpredictable and exiting – two ingredients which are mandatory for a space invader / shooter game. Its game developer has created a game ...[Read More]

Case Mate HTC Mozart Case Review

I love buying cases for my smartphones. My Mozart has has been lying case-less from the past one month as I was unable to find a nice case for it. Then, I stumbled upon this Barely There Case-Mate case. As you would have already guessed by its name, the case is not meant to add a lot of bulk to your Windows Phone. The case came packed in a very simple package. Here is what it looks like: Here are ...[Read More]

Walsh Windows Phone download

A lot of users just could not wait for the carriers and vendors to roll out the updates and followed unofficial ways to get them (example: Mozart NoDo update, HD7 Nodo update, forced Surround Nodo procedure). Later Microsoft revealed that if you have updated your smartphone that way, you would not be able to future updates (some are getting error code 80180048). So, in order to get the latest and ...[Read More]

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